Apoks thief fridge O

Akpos a crippled was arrested in connection of
stealing a big refrigerator. On judgment day a
Judge from High Court said, “upon looking at you, i have seen that you cant be a thief due to your walking disability.

So, since they have disgraced you and your CV has been destroyed i order you to take this refrigerator to be yours from today. Let it be your compensation”.

Akpos thanked the Judge and with joy he jumped down from his hand bicycle. He crawled and took the refrigrator by the back going home. After he crawled about ten metres, the Judge said, “you have successfully shown us that you are indeed a thief. Now you are jailed for two years imprisonment with hard labour.

Naija Chuch It’s only in Assemblies of God church that you will see the pastor be like “God shall promote you in your offices ” (everybody will shout Amen) ” All you politicians will win your elections “(everybody will go and give offering) ” All you gals will marry oil company workers” (every gal will shout ride on sir we hear you) Then the pastor will be like “All this things will happen only if you pay your tithe, when you stop stealing public funds and when you stop
fornication in Jesus name..

Lwkmd u won’t even hear Amen and even the politicians that wanted to give a 10 million naira offering via cheque will kokoma change it to 10,000 naira Hahahahaha Hahahahaha.. Na my church and I know how e de be.. Killing sinners joy..


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