16 Cute Animals That Changed the World in 2015

2015 was definitely a year of the Animal Kingdom! From a golden retriever with a соmpany of parrots to wandering baby owl, check out some of the funniest, cutest and most memorable photos of our little friends. (H/t: Buzzfeed)

The Bagel Pigeon that bravely pushed the boundaries of fashion.

The golden retriever that smiled so beautifully.

The raccoon in his new home.

The proud papa with his entire family.

Two pugs that recreated “Lady and the Tramp.”

Two golden retrievers that chose a mediator.

The moose that escaped the police.

The couple that made a dream bed to fit their whole furry family.

The moment when this cat found out the baby was his.

The baby seal that just wanted a little cuddle.

The dog that finally tasted the rainbow.

This new haircut trend.

The man who built a kayak for his two best

A story with this baby owl.

The man who made a dog train.

The Shiba Inu that got stuck in a bush but didn’t complain.


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